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What is MTNrigs?

2000 - High School

As the years went by I new rebuilding/ "upgrading" the YJ into my dream build would eventually come!  With a decade of video editing and Photoshop under my belt I have always used my passion for media and advertising as a way to have fun in my spare time!  My son was also growing and falling in love with the "Cars the Movie" movies and as any dad knows, if your son is into it, you are into it!  I had seen a few Subaru owners attempt the "Cars face" edits on some forums and had to try it out.  I figured the Jeep would be the easiest route to go!  The first post was from a pic crawling down Trey Mountain in North Georgia near Helen.  After that I attempted to keep up with all the requests until it became too overwhelming and to make the website to help keep up with all the edit requests!


From here I will try to keep an up to date build thread or at least a list of parts and upgrades with new pics as the jeep turns into my dream!  




MTNjeep's started as a fun winter project with no intentions of the following it has gained.  I started the Instagram account simply to keep a record of my personal favorite jeeps on Instagram and the internet. It would serve as a quick reference guide for ideas as I built my own Jeep!  


My dad bought this 1992 Jeep Wrangler years before I knew it would take over my life.  As Jeep parts are expensive for a high school student, it pretty much stayed stock aside from a 3" body lift and 31"x10.50 BFG Mud-Terrains my dad had put on it right before I turned 16. 

The first #carsjeep edit!

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