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Springer MTN, GA

34.576933, -84.177054

Closest City - Dahlonega, GA -  25 miles

Atlanta, GA Distance - 70 miles

Camping - Yes


Falls of Jones Creek, GA
Springer Mountain
Jones Creek Campground
Camping on Nimbellwill Creek
Springer Mountain
Springer Mountain
Springer Mountain
Camping on Nimbellwill Creek

Springer Mountain is a few miles west of Amicalola Falls State Park.  Plenty of miles of trails to explore, they even connect to trails on the backside Amicalola Falls trails (find High Shoals Baptist Church).  If you're into Mountain biking there is a park right at the beginning of the trails, Bull Mountain Bike Trails Heading north takes you into the Blue Ridge Wildlife Management Area, and more miles of trails to run!


Will My Adventure Machine Make It?

Mostly dirt roads with some areas of mild erosion.  Hidden spots to play in can be found! 


Where Do We Camp?

Jones Creek Campground has some of the best campsites North Georgia has to offer!  Nimbewill Gap Road has some great camping as well. There are plenty further into the mountain.


- Jones Creek Campground

34.600263, -84.145108

-Nimblewill Creek Camping

34.576480, -84.176686

Gear Up!

Gas Station - 10 miles

Grocery Store - 20 miles







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